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agronomy - Scientific discipline related to the production of agricultural crops.

Universities aren't uniform in their organization of plant sciences into departments.

They put down protein and grow fast without developing proper bone structure. Brits have come to favour breast over leg and thigh, though it is hard to know whether this is nature or nurture when there have hardly been any alternatives available for decades.

It has to be said that the French are way ahead with their world-famous, Burgundian benchmark AOC (since 1957) Poulet de Bresse with its aristocratic snow-white feathers and blue legs, that feeds on corn and spring water.

Agricultural Marketing Service, (AMS) - An agency of the USDA.

Agricultural Research Service, (ARS) - An agency of the USDA.

acre - The unit most commonly used to measure farm and ranch land in the United States . To convert acres to hectares, multiply acres by .4048.

read the article We have a lot to celebrate this year.

A decline in genetic diversity could have a negative impact on how they adapt to climate change, disease, famine, drought, and land degradation, some say. Founder and CEO Jesse Solomon about what motivates him, his food heroes, and what agricultural issue he'd like to see addressed by the next President of the United States.

read the article “When an animal has a good life, you feel it in the meat,” Antoine Westermann of newly opened NYC hot spot Le Coq Rico, says.

Though knowing the breed of chicken and serving free-range are two different matters, there is a strong connection.

The slower maturing chickens best suited to longer and fuller totally free-ranging life tend to be the breeds to seek out as well as of far higher welfare."Shockingly, most commercially reared birds have been bred to be docile and not inclined to move around, even given the opportunity.

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