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You should see a dialog box pop up asking your for your Siemens Speed Stream-6520 username and password.

You need to know the username and password to login to your Siemens Speed Stream-6520.

Anyway, if you do manage to flash it, here are the instructions on how to reconfigure the virtual circuits for Bell network. I'd just use your netgear and make sure its in PPPo E WAN mode and enter your ISP login info there (not in the Speedstream).thanks for your advise, I am going to try it out in both ways & let them run for for a week....6520 good enough to do 10 Mb down/ 7 Mb up with my Simconet DSL service.thanks again for the file and help, it made this old unit work again ! However, AEY and older firmware are all 2.2mb, AF5 is 4mb.

If you do manage to flash it, here's how to reconfigure the virtual circuits, this is a simultaneous routed & bridged config.1. show dsl stat--- DSL Status DSL State - Up Tx Rx CRC Errors 0 0 FEC Errors 0 0 HEC Errors 0 0 NCD Errors 0 0 LCD Errors 0 0 LOF Errors - 0 LOS Errors - 0--- ATU-R Channel Info Current Tx Rate - 736000 Previous Tx Rate - 0 Interleave Delay - 2490446060--- ATU-C Channel Info Current Tx Rate - 10299000 Previous Tx Rate - 0 Interleave Delay - 0--- ATU-R Physical Layer Info Current Attainable Rate - 800000 Current SNR Margin - 26.5 Current Attenuation - 9.0 Current Output Power - 6.0 Current Status: No defects detected No loss of framing detected No loss of signal detected No loss of power detected No loss of signal quality detected--- ATU-R Line Status Line Coding - DMT Line Type - Interleaved Actual ADSL Mode - ADSL2 Requested ADSL Mode - Autoxsh show atm stat--- ATM Statistics Tx Rx Octets 3840276 21336071 Cells 80005 444501 PDUs 13021 18610 Discards 0 0--- AAL Connections VPI/VCI Type Tx-Rate Rx-Rate Tx-PDUs Rx-PDUs Tx-Errs Rx-Errs0/35 PPPo E 736 10299 13021 18610 0 0xsh I found these to have terrible wifi performance. Also, I have directories full of unpacked contents of the flasher.

User Information Enter your ISP login/pass Click Next7. ATM virtual circuit Wizard Click Finish to save the settings Finished virtual circuit settings should look like this#0 0/35 2684 virtual circuit OE BRGPPPo E 0/35 DSL (if you named the connection that)Reboot the modem manually or in the interface.thanks for your quick reply and the instructions and the file I still have a computer with Win XP, going to try out this afternoon Already discovered, that I can use it as a wired/wireless router, since it has a shared WAN/LAN port I am more interested to get the modem part working, after all it is an ADSL2 modemthanks for you reply again, maybe somebody else have a different version to share Found these file names with Google: (just a name/ no download)Update_E752_AF5_106-71_a056_v1Update_E752_AEY_106-65_1210_v1Update_E752_A55_91-42_6152_v1Update_E752_AF5_106-71_a056_v1Update_E752_AF5_106-71_a056_v1s.exe, Update_E752_AEY_106-65_1210_v1

To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.Files names starts with: Update_E752_Thanks for any replies! However, these old updaters, in my experience, never worked properly in anything but Windows XP, and you had to have all the firewalls disabled... I also have the raw firmware files, which need to be uploaded via FTP to the modem, but the bell firmwares have it disabled... Tried also connect everything I have directly to all 4 LAN port's of the 6520.....worked without any issue.There used to be tools and tricks to doing this back in the day, but again this is 10 year old information, but if you search you might find it... Now I need to decide, to leave connected as it is (modem router) or put it in bridge mode and use it as a modem ? Yeah, really don't bother with the ancient Wireless G wireless in the thing...Along with local, Australian based technical support we also have a growing database of common issues and how to fix them in our knowledge base.If you experience difficulty connecting to the Internet with your Siemens 4100 DSL modem, you may need to upgrade the firmware.

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