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"Answering yes or no to personal questions can be tricky because if you say "No" it means whenever you say "No comment" that kind of becomes your default "Yes".We’re in the midst of a cultural sea change to one of the most central institutions in the life of the nation.Congratulations might be in order for Aaron Rodgers whether or not the Green Bay Packers win Saturday.The Packers quarterback reportedly proposed to longtime girlfriend Olivia Munn recently, sources told OK! Rodgers allegedly popped the question over a romantic dinner after receiving approval from the actress’ parents.In 2010, only about 15 percent of new marriages were interracial—bringing the total number up to 8.4 percent from 3.2 percent in 1980.Based on random matching alone, the expected proportion of interracial relationships in the United States should be as high as 44 percent.Now such sentiments are relegated to shadowy Internet message boards and corners of right-wing talk radio.And yet, while the actual number of interracial relationships in the United States is certainly climbing, the overwhelming majority of Americans are in relationships with another person of their same race.

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No wonder this fraud Fahrin Jaffer is scammong hordes of naive men on Tinder Fucking bullshit. You are the proven form of true self hatred because your own lives are crap and pathetic. As it turns out, race is a huge factor when it comes to making romantic connections online, one that puts certain groups at persistent, structural disadvantages.Actress Kristin Davis has confirmed her relationship with Aaron Sorkin by sharing a kiss with the screenwriter on the red carpet at the premiere of ‘The Newsroom,’ on Wednesday. “They have actually known each other a while through mutual friends and would sometimes bump into one another at industry events, but it has only just turned into something more.” The source added: “He is obviously really smart … They have a lot to talk about.” OTRC reports that both Davis and Sorkin are both single parents – the actress adopted a baby girl, Gemma Rose, in 2011 and the screenwriter has an 11-year-old daughter, Roxy, from a previous marriage.Olivia and Aaron started dating in 2014, and around this time last year, shut down rumors that she'd soon walk down the aisle.In a hilarious text exchange between Munn and her mom, which was later shared to Instagram, Olivia made it clear the two were still on the boyfriend-girlfriend track.

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