Aberystwyth dating

The records are contained in ten leather-bound manuscripts and date back to 1872 when the University opened its doors for the first time.To date, access to the fragile volumes has been restricted and the process of searching for information within them has been painstaking.Since March 2013 Chris is now part of the Aberystwyth Rural Neighbourhood policing team and is looking forward to working in his new area dealing with community issues of Rural Aberystwyth and surrounding area.In the Quaternary Environments and Geoarchaeology research group we are using a range of chronological techniques to study how landforms, environments, ecosystems and even our ancestors, have evolved through time.

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I'm assuming there's no stadium, so where would you go to see someone on tour?

She joined the Neighbourhood Policing Team in 2012 with responsibility for supervising the North Ceredigion team.

She is committed to ensuring the team provide a high level of service and tackle the issues which affect the local communities.

It stretches intermittently for two to three miles along the shore between Ynys-las and Borth and lies about half-way between high and low water.

What makes it a secret is that it is normally hidden under a layer of sand and is only exposed under certain circumstances.

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