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Video by Love Nightlife in Bangkok – Dating Thai Women editor and blogger from Germany.

He loves Southeast Asia and is interested to learn more about its culture.

You will have no problem finding pads (in limited brands), but tampons are hard to find.

Bring enough with you for your trip, or be prepared to use what you’ll find. Jenny says: Thai supermarkets and convenient stores sell feminine hygienic products such as tampons, pads, soaps, creams, etc.

The dream man online transpired to be a scammer like those who operate from Africa working with gang members in Thailand and Malaysia.

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Users include Western and Thai men who seek a relationship with a Thai woman or who seek a Thai wife.

He was working for an international company based in the middle east, a little overweight but quite handsome. 'My heart was happy and I felt joy, I did tell all my family and friends,' she recalls.

She was to be disappointed but at the same time very lucky.

2) Ask questions: One of the best ways to learn is to .

Ask about family roles, dating customs and beliefs.

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