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These are best for people with mild to moderate depression or anxiety.Some online programs are open to everyone, at anytime.Since I was 13 years old, every boyfriend I ever had pretty much came from the Internet.I basically reduced vast amounts of world-changing technology and advanced circuitry to a fancy machine for talking to boys.

You chat to your counsellor through online messaging, Skype or email. Well, if you live miles away from any counsellors, struggle going outside, or like the idea of getting help in your own home, then it’s a flexible alternative.Those of you who argue with me about the ease of getting laid should go right now and post an ad on Craigslist, then sift through the hundreds of responses.Yes, some of them will be creepers with dick pics, but some of them, I can assure you, will be quite enticing. That may not be something you want to do, but it is easy.These are a bit like an online game that helps you understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.They aim to give you practical life skills to help you cope better through watching cartoons, listening to podcasts and completing activities and homework.

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