Blogger reading list not updating

If no post was published or updated since we last viewed the main page, what we see is the main page, from cache. Since the content of the gadgets is not cached separately, any updates to the gadgets only gets displayed when we view a blog from a Blogger server.Any gadget updates - such as newly published posts, from our blogs - will only be displayed after the blog owner publishes a new post.That's not a problem with our blogs, with our blog feeds, or even with our friends blogs - it's just how cache affects us.

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"Editing" a label, using the Posts page, will require planning, in some cases. Post Editor is used to add, delete, and edit many labels, for one post - one post at a time. If you have multiple labels, in multiple posts, that need changing, you can use a combination of the above techniques. When updating labels, you need to avoid exceeding the limits.

If you're using a UNIX system and you want to try the examples in this document without writing any code, you may find the UNIX command-line utilities useful; for more information, see the manual pages for those utilities.

For Blogger Data API reference information, see the Protocol reference guide.

I like to think that maybe blogging is the same– by now we've gotten our understanding of the basics out of the way, and we can now grow, explore, and expand outside of blogging.

When we investigate, the blog feed shows no problem. When we view a blog or website, what we see is subject to caching, on our computers. Our browsers don't waste time (and bandwidth) downloading content from every blog or website we may wish to view, without checking what's in cache - in our browsers, on our computers, and elsewhere.

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