Bosco wong and linda chung dating

Sam later discovers the questionable past of the heiress’ father, wealthy businessman Kiu Kong Shan (Paul Chun), and is forced to choose between righteousness and love.The first teaser trailer for Witness Insecurity was unveiled a month ago, and five more have been released since then.She has not been involved in such rumour, and needs time to adapt. Scroll down and check out his short and medium hairstyles. Reception on the trailers was generally positive, but some netizens have criticized the trailers for their bloody content.Bosco insisted that those scenes were exaggerated for promotional purposes.Although I love to talk, but I'm a slow starter, especially back then when I was shooting series. It was just in the recent few years that I started keeping in touch with people.Even if Steven Ma and I collaborated in 4 series together, it was later on that we started chatting more, so how can I tell Raymond?

Linda Chung Does Not Have “Princess Syndrome” Because Linda’s character suffers from certain behavioral problems, people mistake her for having “princess syndrome.” Linda expressed that she is not worried that the audience will associate her with her character.However, I definitely don't have a crush on Raymond, please don't misunderstand.Yesterday, TVB fa dan Linda Chung and siu sang Bosco Wong, who collaborated in the series "Witness Insecurity", "Moonlight Resonance", and "The Gem of Life", did a ribbon cutting as an onscreen couple. Yesterday, Linda did not avoid being arm-in-arm with Bosco, and also 'interrogated' him (with the many rumours) about their oncreen couple ranking. " She also added, "I like onscreen couple partnerships. Want to work with more people to create different feelings of onscreen couples".Linda, who was wearing a low-cut dress, frankly said that the fee was ideal, and humbly said that it was not considered sexy: "I don't think that it's sexy! Bosco immediately laughingly said, "Well, you are definitely in the top few. Linda will be holding a concert soon, while Bosco will be opening a restaurant. Bosco said, "If she were to invite me to be a guest, I would definitely accommodate it. Hopes to Reunite in Series The two's onscreen couple image has left a deep impression on people. Linda immediately jokingly called herself 'first wife': "In terms of an onscreen couple, I should be the 'first wife'!

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