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Friends say she was six years older than Fred, who is 41. On the afternoon of May 26, a Saturday, Deborah drove to the Claremont School of Theology, a small campus 45 miles northeast of her home in Corona Del Mar.Some children playing nearby said they saw her walk over to the school's Kresge Chapel and try a door, but it was locked.With over 100 folks showing up at some of our Homo Mixers, it's been a great success. Mixers will be planned for select cities, and general hootenanny is guaranteed.

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Exhibits include South Texas Indians, the Spaniards who settled here, the ranchers and longhorn cattle industry, mining history and oil fields. The main museum exhibits are housed inside the old Santa Fe train depot.The historian ought to be the humblest of men; he is faced a dozen times a day with the evidence of his own ignorance; he is perpetually confronted with his own humiliating inability to interpret his material correctly; he is, in a sense that no other writer is, in bondage to that material.... Featuring the photographic collection of the Thompson Lumber Company in East Texas 1908 and a variety of exhibits of historical logging artifacts, tools and information about sawmills.Visitors will learn about the extensive role, trees play in our past, present and future. The Armstrong County Museum focuses on the heritage and culture of Armstrong County and thee Texas Panhandle.The old SAU & G Railroad Depot has been moved to the museum grounds as well and houses railroading artifacts. Historic buildings on the property also include Jane's Ranch House, the Old Muleshoe Ranch cook house and a one room log cabin. The primary focus of the museum is to tell the story of the area of Central Texas.Operated by the Muleshoe Heritage Foundation, the museum is located at 215 S. The museum holds collections of odd and unusual curiosities, exhibits about local cowboy and ranching heritage, rodeo champions, the Harvey Chelf barbed wire collection, a western hat collection and other items and relics related to the culture and heritage of Bandera County and the surrounding Hill Country of Texas. Operated by the Bastrop County Historical Society, the Bastrop Museum is focused on the history of Bastrop County, Texas. Through exhibits, artifacts and genealogical documents, visitors will explore the history of Central Texas. Focus is on the educational, cultural and genealogical history of the Czech peoples.

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