Dating a webley mk vi

The switch to cordite propellant in 1894 increased the round's velocity and accuracy.

The .455 in Mark II ammunition used in the Webley Mark VI was adopted by the British Army in 1897.

Webley and Son before a merger with W & C Scott) until 1921.

The British military officially adopted the Mark VI revolver from 1915 to 1923.

Off to a good start, Webley played around with another solid frame revolver or two and then in 1877 entered the world of self-extraction with a hinged-frame revolver devised by gunmaker Charles Pryse. 4,” this ingenious sixgun featured the forward hinged frame commonly associated with later Webleys, as well as a rebounding hammer safety setup and an improved cylinder lock. 4, all the shooter had to do was press in on a pair of paddle-shaped levers mounted on either side of the recoil shield.

This action withdrew two crossbolts that locked into the topstrap, allowing the gun to be broken open by tilting the frame downward (not the barrel, as this had a tendency to clutter the action with sent cases), which forced a star extractor outward to remove the shells.

The extractor then snapped back into position ones it reached the limit of its travel and allowed fresh rounds to be loaded into the chambers.

The Webley-Pryse became a popular setup, adaptable to different frame sizes—all the way up to guns that could accommodate a special .577 revolver cartridge!

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