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This is also where most people are their own worst enemies, because most people try too hard. The world, television, and even some of your friends would have you believe that the best place to meet that special someone is a bar or club on a weekend night.While it’s true that it’s possible, it’s certainly not easier, and, in fact, is usually a lot harder than other less typical, yet more effective—and ultimately more fun—ways of meeting people.By: Lakshmi Natarajan People say that Indians growing up in the US have the best of both worlds. One glitch, though, is the question so many Indians ask themselves at one point or another—can I marry a non-Indian?Having been in many non-Indian relationships, I came to more appreciate being “Indian.” I realized that there are certain aspects of my life that I am not willing to compromise and sacrifice. You know, that thing many of us did BEFORE getting engaged, married and having kids? moi) I find the whole idea of dating again quite nerve-wracking. Anyway…What I did find fascinating when chatting with my happily married Cwtchgirls was the importance of still making that effort to date your partner.That distant memory of spending quality time with your other half, making an effort to dress up, shaving your legs and rooting in the drawer for those sexy pants haha. I’m 38 now and times have changed from when I was a single 21 year old! I’m not talking about winning and dining each other.So I took the technological plunge into online dating. The contact information I received was from all non-Indians.

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I LOVED this idea and suggested we run a series of features on it but focusing on places around Wales. Each week, one of us Cwtch girls will take 4 letters from the alphabet and give you all some great ideas on where to go for a date.

For starters, consider the following concept: if you do something social that you enjoy for long enough, you’re likely to meet someone you find interesting enough to go out with at least once.

Whether it’s hiking in a group, riding motorcycles, going rock-climbing, working out, joining a photography class, or even just traveling—go with one of your hobbies and you’ll have better luck sticking with that.

But it did also make me think a lot about how dating has changed…

Cwtch Girl Kate told me all about this really cool thing her and her hubby do called ‘Alphabet dating’ The idea is actually pretty simple.

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