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Despite them often playing a part in Ziggy's mishaps and misadventures, the love and affection he gives to and receives from his animals is often very different than his interactions with the various human beings he encounters during his days.

Shpagina, who is just 5ft2ins tall, is already reported to have slimmed down to just over six stone in her attempts to resemble a living anime character, and is said to spend 30 minutes painstakingly applying her dramatic make-up to each one of her eyes.

Of course, Homer Simpson of is one of our favorite chubby cartoon characters.

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Play games online with Cartoon Network characters from Adventure Time, Gumball, Ben 10, Regular Show, The Powerpuff Girls, We Bare Bears, Teen Titans, Steven Universe, Uncle Grandpa and many more.He is often drawn in just his shirt with no pants on, though the lower half of his torso is never seen.He lives in a simple house with a garden, and he is often seen working at an office job, at which, his foibles often reflect the absurdities that many readers encounter on a daily basis. noted: "the name Ziggy derived from his father's school experience of being the last alphabetically.Lola demonstrates her basketball skills and then the film makes use of a Tex Avery-style gag concerning the libido of males: Bugs floats up the air and then crashes to the floor.The scene is reminiscent of "Wolfie" from Red Hot Riding Hood (1943), a character defined by his lust for females.

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