Dating scan bedfordshire

Established over 4 years, scans are performed by highly experienced and qualified sonographers and ultrasound specialists and are quality controlled regularly and continually individually developed by a highly qualified ultrasonographer from Los Angeles in line with the regulations set by the Care Quality Commission.We guarantee a high level of customer service to every customer and can proudly say that we have 99% positive feedback.

If, for any reason, your Early Pregnancy Scan raises any cause for additional monitoring your sonographer will refer you to your GP or to Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Mr Stephen Burrell, depending on your requirements.The Verulam Clinic Early Pregnancy Scan can be carried out for any pregnant woman between weeks 6-14 of your pregnancy.Such an early scan is helpful if you are unsure of your dates and you would like to know your estimated due date or if you have experienced pain, bleeding, or signs of ectopic pregnancy in your current pregnancy.Hello Baby are a ultrasound scanning boutique offering amazing scans of your baby during it's development in the womb.Experience watching your baby's facial expressions - smiling - yawning - sleeping.

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