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Bonner flipped the script on their dynamic as he began coaching Sharna on a few tips and tricks, who quickly climbed atop the table for a better angle at taking a shot.

"There is some real chemistry here," a source close to the duo shared.

But there’s something so fresh and simple about Johnny Depp and Juliette Lewis’s summer romance (she gets stuck in town with her grandmother after the truck pulling their motor home breaks down), that‘s other elements are overshadowed.

Best scene to make a move: Before the darker scenes involving Gilbert’s mother and the family home.

pairing's flirty night out at Cowboy Palace Saloon in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening, which will certainly fan the flames about their possible romance.

The professional bull rider was right in his element in the Country western bar, and didn't shy away from wrapping his arm around Sharna's shoulder and whispering into her ear.

For all their goofiness and length, there’s something hot about Bollywood movies.

Justin Timberlake brought sexy back, all right -- all the way back to Scarlett Johansson's apartment.

According to the new issue of Us Weekly, Timberlake, 30, and Johansson, 26, had an early morning rendezvous Sept. An eyewitness tells the magazine that the couple, who appeared in Timberlake's 2006 music video for "What Goes Around…

While Timberlake allegedly got back together with on-and-off love Jessica Biel, 29, just last month, a source told Us Weekly that he and Johansson have "hooked up several times over the years."If Timberlake thinks he's the only guy in Johansson's life, however, he's in for a shock.

The sultry actress was spotted back out in the Manhattan club scene the following night, this time with Hollywood hottie Bradley Cooper.

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