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The goal of the game is to unlock unlockable content and various endings, particularly good endings.The game ends after three years unless a special event ends the game sooner or Michiko's dream stat reaches 0; if the latter occurs the game still unlocks an ending, but it is always a bad ending based on her stats and key events triggered. Michiko's stats determine whether the task is completed successfully in a given day, with success often resulting in monetary gain.Freeware Pick: Tsunami Cruiser (Boris van Schooten)-October 1, 2014 PM Let's Play Mini Metro, a puzzle game about public transport-September 23, 2014 AM Boson X reaches critical velocity on Steam-September 17, 2014 AM The Masterplan will make you really good at stealing things-September 15, 2014 AM Altitude0 soars onto Steam Early Access-September 10, 2014 AM Hatoful Boyfriend remake on Steam today, allows you to flirt with birds-September 4, 2014 AM Hexcells Infinite is the next evolution of Minesweeper-September 1, 2014 AM Gridland is a survival/match-3 crossover game-August 27, 2014 PM Gorgeous point-and-click adventure Detective Grimoire out on Steam today-August 18, 2014 AM Cloud Chamber: Turning a TV series into a video game-August 7, 2014 AM Shadowcrypt: a 2D arcade/platformer inspired by Zelda II-July 15, 2014 PM Steam Greenlight Pick & Demo: Move or Die-June 19, 2014 AM Space Run released on Steam today-June 13, 2014 AM Dead Synchronicity brings dystopian, dark point&clickness to Kickstarter-March 27, 2014 PM Free Game Pick: Renegade (Waldemar Umaniz)-March 15, 2014 AM Donationware Pick: The Way of Yiji and more in Schizoid's game album Initiation-February 5, 2014 PM Browser Pick: Tiny Dangerous Dungeons-November 21, 2013 PM Freeware pick: Magical Majorette Drummer Garnet: Handsome Boy Blues-November 6, 2013 PM Freeware Pick: One Shots !!Give it 30 shots (or less)-November 1, 2013 PM Preview: Win duels using the right tools in Helen's Mysterious Castle-October 21, 2013 PM Rekcahdam's Band Saga to blend storyline and music creation-October 9, 2013 PM Demo: learn about additive color while snaking through patterns in COLOR-September 17, 2013 AM Sabaco hosts Indie Game Dance Party on closing night of Tokyo Game Show-September 8, 2013 AM Browser Pick: Duke Dashington - Dash towards your goal-August 30, 2013 PM Browser Pick: Stand still to unlock the goal in Azurenimbus' DEZ-August 28, 2013 PM New trailer for Krautscape - fly with your car over an emerging track-August 17, 2013 PM Browser Game Pick: Ascent - fly to God-August 14, 2013 PM The Japanese join the Norse and the Greeks on Skyward Collapse-August 12, 2013 AM Freeware Pick: Locomalito's Gaurodan, the bird of thunder is reborn! New Seamless, Living Neighborhood - Your Sims explore the living neighborhood freely.***New Create your own Sims - Create any Sims character that you can possibly imagine.

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This is a browser-based dating sim where all you can do is nod. There's something really cool about this idea: a sweet and witty comment on modern-day communication, the art of brevity, attentiveness, and timing.

Those community members were an integral part of the game’s development and will receive a small percentage of profits deriving from sales within the first three years. The computer-controlled racers are perhaps a tad aggressive, but they respond much as you’d expect an actual human driver would.

Developed by British firm Slightly Mad Studios, the guys responsible for creating “Need for Speed: Shift” a few years back, Project CARS is said to be for racers by racers — with a twist. The races consist of practice sessions, qualifying, and races — which may include pit stops or even driver changes.

Xbox One owners have had it better, with the excellent Forza Horizon 2 and Forza Motorsports 5.

But there’s a new player in town, and it may just be the best racing game yet. Point is, I know how the cars and tracks "should" feel from behind the wheel.

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