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The baby is cute, the guy might be cute, but the first thing women think when you're posing with a child is: he already has kids.This is especially true for the men who pose with toddlers or school age children.Without fail, you will find the Octomom declaring that she “is not interested in hookups,” that she is at a loss to comprehend the lack of “good men out there,” and that she aspires find a suitable marriage partner similar to the kinds of men she dated before she shat out half a dozen kids. Perhaps the most common type of girl online, the land beast can be identified by her rounded figure and high body fat percentage.

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For some women, that baby is a giant gurgling red flag. The Guy Who Takes All His Profile Photos With His Dog The surefire way to make me swoon is to take a photo with your dog. If it was socially acceptable, I'd probably date dogs instead of people.

Mind you, these descriptions may not be an accurate portrayal of the guys' actual personality.

This is merely my take on first virtual impressions. The Guy Who Poses With a Child He wanted to show off his sensitive side. He thinks that it's an excellent idea to grab his sister's baby and take a photo with the tiny spawn and upload that gem to Okcupid.

Having dabbled in the virtual sea of men for the past seven years, I've noticed certain trends involving the selection pool.

Here is my take on 10 types of guy photos you encounter on those lovely online dating sites.

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