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Search for other functions from the English Home Page of the Japan Patent Office https:// Top English Page (Note: When the JPO website server is busy, you can access English summaries and original text of Japanese (Kokai) patent applications from the search pages of the European Patent Office and German Patent Office websites.) B) https:// 5.Patents are a great resource for dating vintage jewelry.Reliable intellectual property (IP) statistics are an important tool in understanding trends in policy, business, and technology worldwide.

So he made this sharp observation: If people were based on compatibility, there'd be more fulfilling relationships in the world.Despite having been established solely for the administration of patent law, in time the Patent Office took on other responsibilities, including registered designs in 1875 and registered trade marks in 1876.More recently, having also acquired responsibility for copyright regulation, the Patent Office has become known as the Intellectual Property Office.In addition, when employing WIPO’s statistical data in any written work, users must cite “WIPO Statistics Database” as the source of the data.WIPO's IP Statistics Data Center is a free online service, which provides access to WIPO’s extensive statistical data on IP activity worldwide.

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