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So Bud has to come up with a girl and quick plan for a triple couple date.

He gets a crazy idea by getting a mannequin who he names Monique.

To him, the performances are clearly more important than set pieces or flashy camera work.

Both characters are polar opposites and in real life the actresses despised each other, but on screen their chemistry sizzles.

Older daughter Jane aka watermelon(西瓜) is dating fellow DJ Chu Sui Kit(朱穗傑).

people have been telling me that they're living together too .. natalie and glasses don't really match that well x D ....... They played cheesey games such as breaking the ball with mouths, kneeling down to propose, and eating food games.

Last night Niki Chow, Bosco Wong, Kevin Cheng, and others promoted their new series Under the Canopy of Love and celebrated Valentine's Day with a bunch of young fans.

The movie covers several years of their lives as each finds different reasons to go on living and find joy.

After the death of her daughter, Aurora struggled to keep her family together, but has one grandson in jail, a rebellious ...

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