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Both work nice with different ASCII chars for linebreak, but the function nl2br2 is faster than nl2br.nl2br2 ~ 0.0000309944153 snl2br ~ 0.0011141300201 s The function nl2br2: After a recent post at the forums on Dev Shed, I noticed that it isn't mentioned, so I will mention it.nl2br returns pure HTML, so it should be after PHP anti-HTML functions ( such as strip_tags and htmlspecialchars ).On the contrary, mark at dreamjunky.comno-spam, this function is rightfully named. Although it does re-add the line break, it does so in an attempt to stay standards-compliant with the W3C recommendations for code format.Good to know: Fuzzy search is a nice feature when you are not sure how your searchterm is written.The search algoritm searches for your term and variants on your term, and shows you broader results.

Deze computer zou databasesoftware 100 keer sneller kunnen draaien dan concurrerende machines.

Users can't be trusted to write good code, we know that, and mixing case isn't too uncommon.

I think this little snippet would do most tricks, both XHTML style and HTML, even mixed case like and even or .

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For our Dutch visitors; Goede ideen, sterke apparatuur en een fascinatie voor het verschijnsel van e-mail hebben Alta Vista vanuit het onderzoekslaboratorium van DEC op het Internet gebracht.

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