Derek jeter dating black women

According to the suit, Jeter signed a 3-year deal to be a director of the company in 2011 and agreed to participate in major publicity events. So, the company tapped 50 Cent to be the brand ambassador instead -- which didn't jive with Jeter, according to the suit. The majority owner of Frigo, Mathias Ingvarsson, claims Jeter felt 50 would make the brand too "urban." Weird, considering Jeter is mixed race.But things went south in 2013 -- first, Jeter allegedly told Frigo he didn't want his involvement with the company to be public during the U. By the way, the company ended up bringing on Carmelo Anthony and Timbaland as brand reps.It really is a shame for us to have come this far only for our fellow Brothers and Sisters to feel that they are above being classified with us., the couple has been spotted out together in New York City. Tantaros works for Fox News as a contributor, and she helps host two of the programs on the network.She’s the kinda chick who every time you look up, shes on base. Never achieved the same level of fame as a lot Jeter’s conquests. 3) Lima In her prime, Lima was the hottest chick Jeter ever fucked. Either way I think his top 2 are Lima/Alba in some order. 5) Biel Biel’s Ass protecting Alba’s Ass in the lineup. 8) Hannah Davis Every championship team has that one young superstar just breaking into the league. But I guarantee there are times where Jeter is balls deep in a Victoria’s Secret model who’s 100 times hotter than her but he’s still reminiscing about some KINKY shit he did with Mariah back in 97. You could make the strong argument that at her peak she was just the hottest chick ever, period. Some crazy latex femdom shit where she just decimated his dick.

and he personally wants Jeter to fork over roughly .7 million to help make things right.

Ingvarsson wants to take the case to arbitration -- which would keep the messy details out of open court.

When I said "normal black" I meant the distinction that many biracial people make in their own minds between themselves and other black people...those biracials who feel they are really a step above everybody else who is black.

So yesterday this baseball diamond of Jeter smokes from ESPN was all the rage.

Its an absolutely OUTRAGEOUS lineup of smokes on Jeter’s resume. But obviously whats more important is Jeter’s batting order. I’m not even exaggerating, I started making this batting order last night and I just finished today.

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