Developing and validating trust measures

(UNICEF & WHO, 2004) Preterm infants have higher nutrient requirements than term infants (Rationale 1).Parenteral nutrition is necessary to meet nutritional requirements while enteral feeds are established in the following groups of infants: There are no UK guidelines for enteral feeding of preterm infants and so international references are used (Tsang et al., 2006), (Agostoni et al., 2010) (Koletzko et al., 2014).

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The IAPCC-R is based on Campinha-Bacote’s model of cultural competence, The Process of Cultural Competence in the Delivery of Healthcare Services (1998) and measures the five constructs of this model (cultural desire, cultural awareness, cultural knowledge, cultural skill and cultural encounters).

A major methodological gap is in the assessment of stakeholder engagement from the stakeholder perspective—something that results from the lack of existing measures.

There is a need to rigorously evaluate the impact of community/stakeholder engagement on the development, implementation, and outcomes of research studies, and this requires the development and validation of tools that can assess stakeholder engagement.

We will convene national experts and use a standard Delphi process to reach consensus for content validity.

The expert review panel will consist of a broad range of stakeholders (e.g., patients, caregivers, advocacy groups, clinicians, researchers).

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