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WEST ALLIS — Nearly four-million American veterans suffer from a disability connected to their military service. The FOX6 Investigators recently spotted Hemphill volunteering at a concession stand during a high school football game. "There's nothing worse in my book than a phony Marine or a phony POW," she said.John Hemphill is not one of them, but the FOX6 Investigators discovered the West Allis man has been posing as a disabled Marine for years. At least, that's what it says on his bank statement, his electric bill, and his cell phone bill. He was standing in the background, well behind the counter, munching on popcorn. "They can all go to hell." David Kurtz of the Wisconsin American Legion says when a new member joins, the local post is to verify the member's military service by requesting a document known as a DD-214. Since the FOX6 Investigators made the Legion aware of his case, JFK Post 479 has sent Hemphill a certified letter requesting his DD-214. JFK Post 479 has therefore begun the process of removing Hemphill from membership.During the claims process, VA will check military records to confirm exposure to Agent Orange or qualifying military service.If necessary, VA will set up a separate exam for compensation.CAIN is a non-profit collaborative ministry of neighborhood churches that provides low-income families with basic necessities such as food, emergency financial assistance, household and hygiene items, diapers, transportation assistance and referrals.Also offers childcare support, an annual teen job fair, and sponsors community events.

"Then he said 'all of a sudden there was a bomb,'" Sheila Hemphill recalled. His mail is often addressed to Lieutenant John Hemphill. So convincing that when Sheila and John Hemphill married in 2013, she got an image of "It says 'Mrs. "She was like, 'I gotta tell you something.' She started crying. "The whole marriage was based on a fraud," Sheila said. "It is reprehensible," said David Kurtz, state adjutant for the Wisconsin American Legion. Active duty military customers who wish to have the discount applied are able to call in to our Customer Service line or visit any of our stores."His leg, you know, blew off." Hemphill does have a prosthetic leg. And around his neck, you'll almost always find a pair of dog tags. She's like, 'John was never, ever in the military,'" Sheila said. "We see that over and over and over," said Mary Schantag, one of the founders of The Fake Warrior Project. " After we told her about Hemphill, Schantag requested detailed records of his military service. "Not only does it demean veterans and demean those who have served the country honorably, but it is an insult to those members of the general public that want to genuinely support veterans." Records provided to FOX 6 by the family show Hemphill received a military discount on his cell phone bill. We can validate their status via the Department of Defense website or by military ID.Schantag lives in Branson, Missouri, but the project includes a network of volunteers who've exposed military imposters across the country, claiming awards and commendations from Purple Hearts to the Medal of Honor. The Marine Corps could not find him anywhere in their records. "But I can guarantee it wasn't in the bombing in Afghanistan and it certainly wasn't in an ambush in Vietnam." It was an ambush in Vietnam that wounded Schantag's husband. The state's new Stolen Valor law says gaining a tangible benefit through false claims of military service is a crime. Hemphill is not a disabled Marine, but he is a convicted felon. He put his fists through the front windows of a car during an argument in 1994. He was charged with other crimes, including passing worthless checks, but they were dismissed. The FOX6 Investigators called Hemphill to get his side of the story, but he never called back -- so we went to West Allis and found him in the driver's seat of a car, parked in the alley behind his house. A tattoo was visible on his left forearm that read: "Marine Corps." "You a Marine? As for Hemphill's phony military claims, there is no evidence he's getting any military benefits. Cellular said it could not comment on Hemphill's 15% military discount due to privacy concerns." Stephen Davis, a FOX6 Investigators producer said, as he stood in line to buy a hot dog. Davis tried to follow up, asking where Hemphill served. Hemphill has told others he's a 22-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps who lost his leg in Afghanistan. "He was in the Iraq war and he was helping a little kid and so they happened to walk across a bomb. The Milwaukee VA said they have no record of him getting treatment. However, the company did issue the following statement: "At U. Cellular, we thank and appreciate the brave men and women who serve or have served in the military, so we offer active duty, reserve military and veterans a 15 percent discount on their wireless service.

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