Display name in active directory not updating

The farm grabs the account name and display name from Active Directory, but does not keep this synchronized.

Unless configured otherwise, end users in Share Point do not have the ability to modify their own display name.

I then went over to Windows Explorer and tried granting someone from the trusted domain NTFS file permissions on a folder. I entered the credentials used for the people picker account. First, there are some permission sets that this user needs: I didn’t take time to figure out the least privileged rights required for this operation, but the above worked for me.

LINQ to Active Directory implements a custom LINQ query provider that allows querying objects in Active Directory. LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query and is one of the core features of Microsoft's . More information can be found via the MSDN website on Update() A former Visual C# MVP, Bart De Smet now works at Microsoft Corporation on the WPF dev team in an SDE role.

Internally, queries are translated into LDAP filters which are sent to the server using the System. This project is meant as a basic sample on implementing custom LINQ query providers. Prior to this new challenge, Bart was active in the Belgian community evangelizing various Microsoft technologies, most of the time focusing on CLR, language innovation and frameworks.

It hasn't been tested thoroughly and we do not provide any support whatsoever. Office = "2525" Select New With For Each u In res Console. In his evangelism role, he's been speaking at various events and attended several international conferences including Tech Ed Europe, IT Forum and the PDC.

One of my clients recently had an issue where a particularly high profile user (CEO) had their title spelled incorrectly in Active Directory; unfortunately the error wasn’t noticed right away and now, despite changing the information in Active Directory, Share Point was still showing the wrong title in the People Picker when granting the user rights to a Site Collection.

If you spot a rule that is out of date, please email or if you are cool tweet me,or one of the people in above acknowledgements.If you click the user’s name you’ll see the additional properties, including an “Edit Item” option, however, the edit dialog is simply a read-only display of the username, helpful right?: So let’s first consider the scenario that my book addresses and assume that a user had had their name and/or email address changed.This “User Information List” is located at By looking at this list you can see that several key pieces of information are stored here – unfortunately, when you change this information in Active Directory the information stored here is not updated (even after running a full or incremental import via UPS).To complicate matters there is no way to edit the information via the browser, thus the need for a Power Shell script.

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