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It should include the application form submitted on the Member Zone printed, dated and signed, the list of the initiatives by your cinema aimed at Young Audiences, copies of publications issued by the cinema, a copy of a form of box office receipts for the distributor, an official document confirming the registration of the exhibition company and per email photos of both the film theatre and the exhibitor.

The MEDIA team remains available for any further information._________________________________________________ Download the list of Europa Cinemas / MEDIA members in 2016 _________________________________________________ In the framework of the upcoming Directors’ Fortnight, a Jury made of 4 Network exhibitors will award the Europa Cinemas Label to a European film from the selection.

A number of reference and demonstration MPEG DASH players, player libraries and packagers are publicly available.

The first DASH IF Reference Player is written using Javascript.

It works in any HTML5 browser which supports the Media Source Extensions and Encrypted Media Extensions.

Currently these are supported in Chrome v23 , although other browsers will soon follow.

The link module provides a standard custom content field for links.

Link text titles for URLs can be made required, set as instead of URL, optional (default), or left out entirely.In today’s interconnected world, social media is a major channel of communication and an important part of daily life.There are so many positive aspects – not only does social media allow us to easily connect with loved ones and catch up with friends, it also provides entertainment, breaking news and hottest trends from virtually anywhere around the globe.At the same time, there is something a bit unsettling about the way social media networks are constantly trying to rate their users. Pressure to be socially accepted and celebrated can be too much to handle, and can adversely affect the self-esteem of many social media users.A situation about a real person bears this out: Essena O’Neill, a young Australian social media maven, has recently announced that she was quitting social media because it had caused her to “constantly compare herself to others” and “measure her self-worth by the number of likes” her posts would get.

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