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Venantius' repairs of the arena simply meant dismantling the remaining colonnade and sliding the columns and pieces down in the underground of the arena and filling it up with earth.In fact, when archaeologist Carlo Fea excavated the arena in 1810-14, he found three roads on top of each other, along the long axis. One of the more obscure ones is Awake Dating, a new site exclusively for conspiracy theorists.It's for people who have "woken" (not to be confused with "woke," which usually describes people who are aware of social justice issues).It was precisely September 18th 1979, in Linz that Hannes Leopoldseder, Hubert Bognermayr, Herbert Werner Franke and Ulrich Rützel initiated the first Ars Electronica festival.But who at the time would have thought that an event articulated right from its beginnings around art, technology and society would be so enduring?With its mythological associations of change and transformation, and aligned with the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation’s mission “to transform the lives of children living in urban poverty through better health and education”, the protea became the chosen symbol for the Dell Scholarship program.

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They’re called microbialites and they’re formed by living microorganisms, layer by layer, decade by decade.Stand on the railroad causeway dividing the Great Salt Lake into two different bodies of water, and the tipping point for life in the lake becomes clear.This week, the blue-green waters of the south arm resonate with the calls of thousands of eared grebes.At the beginning of the V century the water/drainage system, at least in the south western sector, had stopped working, as the lead piping and fountains had been removed.Among the last repairs to the Colosseum - dating back to 484 or 508 - are the ones that the Decius Marius Venantius Basilius had ordered - at his own expense: repairs to the arena and podium, damaged by an "abominandus" earthquake.

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