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Send contributions to: [email protected] Quotes Cartoons and Jokes Signs of the Times Wedding Readings, Wedding Toasts, Vows, Songs & Rituals Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries and Vow Renewal - Gift Ideas50th Anniversary tribute Marriage is Good for Your Health!Marriage Stories Movie Scripts Marriage Movies to watch with your honey or show to a class Long Married Celebrity Couples - a list Marriage & Wedding Songs - our Smart Marriages® anthems Men & Marriage and Daddies Section Collection of Mother's Day quotes & ideas Marriage Quotes: Don't worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you. Two imperfect people got married and it was the promise that made the marriage. His lips moved against mine, exploring my mouth so gently. Why are these other people in your life acting like you care? They don't back up their words with actions that are not confusing or could be misinterrupted as something else.I tried to mimic his movements--slowly, uncertainly, until I didn't have to think about it at all. He let out a soft moan at my reaction and cupped his hands behind my head, pulling me closer until I couldn't tell where my mouth ended and his began. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever felt and it kept growing, the vibrating heat expanding outward. Until, men learn that their actions and their friends and families reactions can create a questionable doubt about how they feel, they will forever have to deal with the drama they create for themselves.” ― Shannon L. I lost track of where his kisses landed, where his fingers touched, and grew too comfortable in his arms. I found you, and I’m not letting you go.”“You don’t—” Eli’s mouth crashed down on mine, stealing a kiss, and I freakin’ lost it.

Love is not what you say, it's what you do.” ― Wordions “You will never know the purest love you can give a person, until the day you hurt because they hurt. Eli was out for something good and was determined to get it. To my ears, it didn’t even sound like a coherent sentence.“Cielo, I don’t really care.” Eli glanced up at me from his place between my flushed breasts and leaned in to suck my bottom lip into his mouth.“I’m drunk.”“Good.” His hand beneath my dress tugged and I heard the audible rip of my panties. I love it when he cocks an eyebrow whenever I say something he finds clever or amusing. And when Amanda says something lame, and he seeks me out to exchange an eye roll — I love that, too. I think a really great interpretation of love is: feeling alone with someone else.Robert Fulghum ***************The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother. And when our children were growing up, it wasn't a house that protected them; and it wasn't our love that protected them - it was that promise. I hope so.3Peanuts Blog**************To get the full value of joy You must have someone to divide it with.Theodore Hesburgh ***************If the marriage ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. Thornton Wilder, The Skin of Our Teeth **************Marriage is a promise. Mark Twain**************One of the nicest things you can say to your partner, "If I had it to do over again, I'd choose you. For your sake she pretended it wasn't and I let her pretend. Everything she knew or ever became was because of him. "Mister, I met a man once when I was a kid," it always began. And you might want to do it simply because you don't like Strasser's looks. : We have a complete dossier on you: Richard Blaine, American, age 37. The first evening I came to this café, I knew there was something between you and Ilsa. Well, I've done a lot of it since then, and it all adds up to one thing: you're getting on that plane with Victor where you belong. If that plane leaves the ground and you're not with him, you'll regret it. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life. She did her best to convince me she was still in love with me but that was over long ago. At the house of some friends, she met a man about whom she'd heard her whole life. He opened up for her a whole beautiful world full of knowledge and thoughts and ideals. They went along with the sound of a tinny piano playing in the parlor downstairs. It is perhaps a strange circumstance that we both should be in love with the same woman.

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