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On his good days, he is able to eat three whole pies of cake and one regular carton of milk.

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and watched a 0,000 indie flick become a worldwide sensation. ” Your first glimpse of Napoleon comes on a school bus, where he impatiently answers an innocent question about what he’s going to do today with this bit of wisdom.

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Meanwhile Snook insisted she gets along well with Sherlock both inside and outside the newsroom, adding that 'these things happen'.

While both women have reappeared on Nine since the argument, they have yet to appear in the same programme together.

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All mukbang broadcasters can be found on afreeca TV, a video streaming service.Channel Nine has denied they've removed Julie Snook from the Chatroom segment after her tense argument with Amber Sherlock went public.Sherlock, who was filmed berating Snook for the colour of her jacket ahead of a Chatroom broadcast, was back presenting the show on Wednesday alongside psychologist Sandy Rea, who was also present for the spat.Viewers had called for Snook to replace Sherlock in the host seat after their argument went viral, praising her patience during her colleague's diva moment.The now famous incident started shortly before the pair, alongside Rea, were due to go on air.

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