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He has walked right up to the line of overturning that doctrine, insulted those who oppose the move, and winked heavily at those Catholics who take a "Who am I to judge? Conservatives fear that Francis' actions represent tentative first steps down a dangerous slippery slope.

Is this the beginning of an eventual undoing of all of Catholicism's ancient and countercultural teachings on sexual ethics?

Then there are the hot-button, below-the-belt issues.

Pope Francis clearly would like to overturn Catholic doctrine saying that the faithful who are divorced and civilly remarried but have not received an annulment must refrain from receiving holy communion.

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Francis has had harsh words against globalized capitalism, has written a major encyclical on the environment, and has been a major supporter of migrants in the crisis seizing Europe.We do however have members who can help and who frequent our forum.If you post your question on the forum you are more likely to get a response. I receive lots of emails everyday, and it is very difficult for me to reply to every email instantly, but I do usually get around to them eventually...I am sorry but I am unable to identify peoples bikes, as I am no expert on Francis-Barnett Motorcycles.

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