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The Triangle: I met a guy, let’s call him DB (dating boy), through a mutual friend, who I had known since college.Disclosure I had gone out with Mutual Friend (MF) a couple times but we had gone back to being just friends months before the following events unfolded.I had the pleasure of speaking with Whitney Beatty the CEO of The Apothecarry Brands.Whitney created The Apothecarry Case; a high quality humidor for cannabis.Apothecarry was started by me, a 36 year old tv development executive and mother who never saw herself as a “stoner.” I was raised in the age of Nancy Regan and “Just Say No” and I never touched marijuana until my senior year of college!

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Colorful beads strung on slim jelly cords add a playful touch to a floral-printed cotton headband fitted with a stay-in-place wire for ultimate styling versatility. Gucci's headband is cut from the finest Italian silk-satin that's twisted into an elegant knot. Add a bit of flower power to your look with this bold and colorful head wrap that can also be worn on the wrist, or tied around a ponytail for stylish versatility. Delicate floral filigree in a polished silvertone finish is accented with shimmering crystals and pearly details on this stunning, romantic headband. Top your bridal look with this antique-inspired floral headband plated in luminous gold and accented with glittering Swarovski crystals. Sydney Chaplin, the son of film legend Charlie Chaplin, has died at the age of 82.Although he made a few movies with his father, Sydney Chaplin earned notices on his own for his stage work on Broadway.

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