I am dating a girl with a boyfriend

Personally though, I think the rom com style movies and books I love so much have warped my mind, and I’m addicted to the idea of a grand romance that must overcome all obstacles (i.e., you) before I can get to the ‘happily ever after’ bit. I’m the one he’s destined to be with, and I’m the one he ends up with. What never ceases to surprise me is how many guys ARE so willing to cheat. They’re not lad lad lads who will shag anything that moves - they’re just normal men who love their girlfriends but, for some reason, take only the tiniest of pushes to enter the realm of infidelity. Sometimes I think I'm cursed - I cheated on my first serious boyfriend, and occasionally I entertain the idea that karma is having a good old laugh at my expense, presenting exclusively unavailable men to me forever more.The way I feel about girls with a boyfriend is if he makes her happy I should leave that a lone. I feel this way about the girls I meet in real life, even about the ones I see posting here on LS. If she's interested in you, but has a boyfriend, that means she wants to leave her boyfriend for you.Then these guys wonder why the only gf they've ever been truly close with is their right hand. Although I wouldn't go so far as to say not thinking this way will result in the only gf being their right hand.They certainly are missing out on some great girls if they think they can only go after single girls. Notice I also detailed leave a girl who is truly happy with her boyfriend alone.if it's a distance relationship though, idk, that shit is poisonous.

Y’know the one I mean - all perfect Instagram shots ft. I am not prettier than you, or funnier than you, or better in bed than you. And yet, at least five of my most recent ‘relationships’ (and I use that term very loosely) have been with men who are… A close male friend of mine thinks it’s because I have (sound the cliche klaxon) ‘commitment issues’.

swoon-worthy hair and curves in all the 'right' places. I’m not a ‘slut’ - I don’t have one night stands or go out with the specific aim of taking someone home. His theory is that if a guy is unavailable, he’s instantly more attractive to me because I know that it’s not really going anywhere.

The therapist I saw for a while (still got that cliche klaxon?

Now, you’ve found a girl that you feel a strong connection with and attraction to, but she has a boyfriend.

Here are some ideas for how to win her over, ranging from being straightforward to being stealthy.

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