Intimidating behaviour

They did so under rule 18(7) of the 2004 Tribunal Rules.The current equivalent is rule 37(a) of Schedule 1 to .Recognising and dealing with such problems are important parts of your teaching responsibility.The student may be causing difficulty in other classroom settings; your role in bringing this behaviour to the attention of the relevant University authorities is critical.

These include: If your debt is related to a credit card, overdraft, mobile phone payment or similar, your creditors cannot send in bailiffs, but they can use a doorstep collector.

On the first day of the hearing, Mrs Roe was spoken to by one manager in an attempt to get her to drop her support for Ms Tipple’s case. At the end of that day another manager drove past Mrs Roe on a zebra crossing at speed, close enough that she only escaped injury by quick movement out of the way.

Video footage showed that this manager had sped out of the car park and driven the wrong way round a one way system, in order to reach the crossing in time.

The near-miss was also witnessed by a security guard and magistrate who gave witness evidence of it.

THE DECISION The tribunal considered an application to the employer’s responses to both Ms Tipple’s and Mrs Roe’s claims, and to bar it from taking any further part in the proceedings.

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