Is josh groban dating danny cipriani dating jordan

The couple later posted photos of themselves to Instagram with the caption, "I ship it," and, "I ship it too." "I'm very lucky my girlfriend has joined me tonight," Groban told ET back in October. So I'm going to do some extra warmups tonight so I don't suck." VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson and Josh Groban Sing the Perfect Cover of 'Phantom of the Opera's' 'All I Ask of You'!Talking with Brooke, Groban also opened up about that sense of humor that attracted his lovely girlfriend to him in the first place.

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Groban attended the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, a free public school on the campus of California State University, Los Angeles, where students receive a conservatory-style education.

he's just, he's just a genius." MORE: Taylor Swift Who?

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The 'You Raise Me Up' singer is happy in his relationship with the '2 Broke Girls' star and insists the fact they are in the same industry...

which is a collection of covers of beloved songs from Broadway musicals, he recently performed on Dancing With the Stars, and he's dating one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Hollywood, VIDEO: New Couple Alert!

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