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It's the first time they're spotted together in public in months.

Ever since releasing his debut album, “My World 2.0,” in 2010, Bieber has build a fan base, known as “Beliebers,” and say they’ve caught a case of “Bieber Fever.” He is known for such hits as “Baby,” “Sorry,” “Love Yourself,” “What Do You Mean?

We were in a hilariously gigantic suite on top of The Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, and he was a short fellow, barely over five feet tall.

At the time, with the imminent release of the propaganda film Never Say Never, which would become the highest-grossing concert film in history, Bieber Fever was reaching its shrillest pitch, but the boy himself, approaching his 17th birthday, seemed unfazed.

As we spoke, Bieber struck me as a ­precocious kid, talking about mastering the Rubik’s Cube and spewing forth lines memorized from rap songs and Will ­Ferrell comedies.

“Justin is just freakishly good at everything he did or does,” said his mother, Pattie Mallette, a thoughtful, soft-spoken woman so tiny she stood at least a head shorter than her son. At 2, he was having full conversations on the phone. How come if someone’s following you, it’s a crime, but if they’re following you with a camera, it’s just okay?

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