Kherington payne dating

"I have a lot of over-achiever in me so I am self-critical.But after I met Hef and saw how beautifully they portray women I was really excited.

Donning a form-fitting white wedding-like gown to accentuate her ultra itty bitty waist, the 27-year-old Swedish/African stunner revealed exclusively to Pop Tarts her secret to being super slim and maintaining the body that millions of men (and women) have been drooling over since she became 2008’s Miss March. But I carry my weight in the lower body, so I exercise moderately and I'm a vegetarian," she said.

Although she’s usually about showing her curves, Megan posed topless for Allure magazine in 2001 and . She looks great and it’s hard to believe, she was actually 42 on that picture.

Check out also measurements of Debra Messing (Grace on Will & Grace), Malin Akerman (Dr.

The film grossed over million at the box office.

She also voiced the character Smurfette in the 2011 film The Smurfs.

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