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And even Long, who accepted a plea deal in February, was only convicted of aggravated human trafficking, a third-degree felony.

Yet somehow Zeferjohn—someone who was unquestionably underage at the time of the alleged offenses and is, by multiple accounts, an abuse and exploitation victim herself—has wound up on the hook for aggravated human trafficking, a felony in the first degree.

She was never abducted or physically harmed, though Long did threaten her, police say.

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Snorers' sleep cycles are often disrupted, and they may be waking up many times during the night, even when they are not consciously aware of what is happening.

They experience all the same harmful effects of sleep deprivation as their spouses.

That’s done through a special page that brings together the information that Google has on you.

It’s found by heading to Google’s history page and looking at the long list of recordings.

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