Lovehina dating sim

The following options will make a huge difference: Any of the above could conceivably be crossdressers.

When you are ready go out and have fun, talk to girls. Go to the university school and hit on hot chicks there get to know them and fight them and if your lucky score them!A guy named Keitaro Urashima (referred to as Keitaro, Urashima, or “Urashima-sempai”), is trying to get into the college Tokyo University (referred to as “Tokyo U”, for short).Unfortunately, he’s failed to pass the entrance exams twice, making him a second-year Ronin (ronin is a Japanese name given to those who fail to pass the entrance exam).Your basic goal is to get a Hina girl and gain as much money and experience as possible. Love Hina Sim Date is the latest and one of the best sims game.

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