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Data is stratified by type of property and geographical areas.The work of the Assessor’s staff culminate in the valuation of all property classifications.Farish Handloom-weaver pp51, 65; 1851 census general engraver, aged 47, employing 1 man, home address 9 Grapes Lane, born Scotland 1837 John Kirkbride Northern Angler; 1855 ed opposite p81 plate of fish hooks engraved by Macmillan of Carlisle MACMILLAN, John 2 Finkle Street Furniture dealers CD 1893-94 Ad p102, established 1840 MCPHERSON, James English St 1810 Picture of Carlisle and Directory p136 Carver and gilder 1811 Jollies Directory pxvi Carver and guilder MACREADY THEATRE Blackfriars Street; built 1813-4; disused 185-; size about 20X16; photo of present day position Carlisle an illustrated history p79 CJ CJ CJ CJ p3 CJ p8 CN p3 CN p5 CN p6 CN p6 (illus showing a wall) CN p6 CN p14 CN p12 (illus) CJ p1 New Theatre; Mrs Jordan from the Theatres Royal at Drury Lane CJ p1 Advert for sale CP p2e Theatre opened under Mr Alexander; newly fitted up CP p3c William Macready plays at Theatre The Citizen p679 Description CN p14 Exhibition by Madame Tussaud CN p17 (illus) Plaque to mark theatre CN p4 Theatre closure is old, old story CN p10 (illus) Mac Readys CN p10 What did the hatters say to the bishop?Mc VITIES see CARRS MCWILLIAM, AND CO Messrs Manufactory near Scotch St; Jollie 1811 p82 MADAME TUSSAUD Opened show at Carlisle MADDOCK, Samuel Master shoemaker, aged 35, employing 5 men, born Carlisle, home address Green Row, Shaddongate [1851 census] MAGENTAS Fisher Street Restaurant CN p12 Ad CN p12 Ad CN p5 Value for money CN p3 Restaurant in Good Food Guide CN p1 Magentas for sale CN p1 Magentas sold and to be called Lemon Lounge Bistro MAGICAL CHOCHOLATE SHOP; Castle Street CN p1 Opened in 2006 by Richard and Angels Barker CN p5 Shuts down MAGISTRATES Carlisle Examiner p2e 2 letters CN p12 First lady magistrate - 1920 CN p12 Error put right CN p11 New appointments CN pp1,5,12 I quit - top JP accuses Whitehall CN p6 City calls for extra JPs MAGISTRATES COURT Rickergate CN p1 Verdict on courts Its like a toilet CN p6 Letters CN p10 Not another carbuncle - comment CN pp1,3,6 I dont like court CN p10 Defence on court design CN p10 An agony award CN p16 No backing for call over court CN p23 More flack for a carbuncle CN p10 Court found guilty again CN p18 Court plans passed CN p1 Cameras set to catch court vandals CN p5 CCTV CN p4 Boss faces chop....This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards.The specific problem is: non standard bolding, unsourced and excessive trivia, episode descriptions are promotinal "teaser" and not encyclopedic summaries This is a list of episodes for the 1979-1985 CBS action-adventure/comedy series The Dukes of Hazzard.When she was seventeen, however, Tharen experienced the Exultation performed by a t'landa Til missionary at a religious revival.

Carlisle, 1838, p282 Description; date of 1645 under arms 1835 Nutters painting depicts the Main Guard [175 Years of Carlisle front cover] Topping, G and Potter, J. Memorials of old Carlisle p28 CP p5 Demolition begin at Martinmas; News Room to move CJ p2 CN p9 Dating and demolition; Denis Perriam MAINS COTTON FACTORY London Rd; Established 1799 CPacquet Floods carry away part of weir beloning to Rothwell and Co 1811 Jollie p81 cotton mill called Mains Rothwell and Co CP p3c Rothwell and Co, Cotton Manufactory, the Mains 1829 Directory Rothwell and Co Mains 1835 drawing by J.

The show ran for seven seasons and a total of 147 episodes.

Many of the episodes followed a similar structure: "out-of-town crooks pull a robbery, Duke boys blamed, spend the rest of the hour clearing their names, the General Lee flies and the squad cars crash".

Assessors use ‘mass appraisal techniques’ in the valuation of property.

Data is gathered and analyzed from property that sells during the data gathering period (generally 18 months) and this data is used to establish new values that are then applied to property located in the county.

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