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[ rearranges the letters ] Who could be causing all those laps to bounce up and down curiously? [ Jessica Hahn sits before the Church Lady ] Church Lady: Welcome, Jessie. Jessica Hahn: Well, I'm denying allegations that I was a teenage prostitute on Lonmgg Island. Jessica Hahn: Well, I regret that I have to come forward once more and defend my character! [ holds up Playboy magazine with Jessica on the cover ] Certainly not from these pictures in Playboy magazine. Well, let's take a look at your little pictorial here.. Obviously, your celestial orifice is engorged and tingly - Jessica Hahn: Okay,.

[ the letters now spell "SATAN" ] Alright, and now, speaking about bouncing up and down curiously, let's welcome my first guest, Jessica Hahn. it went simple churchgoer, and then the Jim Bakker sex scandal, and now you're Hugh Hefner's live-in love muffing, aren't you? Your back is arched, causing your bulbous buttocks to tip upward ever so slightly! Jessica Hahn: Alright, peple can make fun of me all they want, I don't care! But being used and degraded on the pages of this magazine, that was my decision! And I'm telling you, that for the first time in my life, I am in control of being used and degraded!

"Dynamics Artist" is a weirdly specific title, but I'm basically a Technical Artist who's geared towards physics simulation.

I create and script realtime physics objects that react to the character in the game, as well as pre-baked destruction and simulations, usually in Houdini.

Back then, most of what I was working on was RBDs [Rigid Body Destruction], POPs [Particle Operators] and SOPs [Surface Operators], but I started picking up fluid and smoke simulation as they became available in later versions.

RAY: I’ve been using Houdini for about 7 years now; 5 years professionally and 2 years as a student.

Since the station has no start and just keeps on going round and round forever, I have decided to start with the first person you hear on K-Chat when you start a new game, which was Mr Zoo when I was playing but might be random.

=============================================================================== -----------------------------------(3) Contact--------------------------------- =============================================================================== To contact me about all the mistakes and things wrong with the guide simply email me at [email protected] a subject similar to this: K-Chat script and I should respond or mention you in future versions of the script.

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=============================================================================== ----------------------------------(4) Updates---------------------------------- =============================================================================== December 29th 2002 v2.1 A few mistakes corrected and after realising that I had the whole thing written out twice, I have removed the copied bit to make the file more readable. December 19th 2002 v2.0 Ahh, complete and utter stisfaction. I thought that it would have taken longer but the parts seemed to go by faster then ever before. Done some of her talking (not much as yet) as soon as both her sections are complete (and the ads in between and after) the script will be mostly complete (except for errors of course) so Merry Christmas again! Just 12 sections left to do (part of it is the Thor script and Jez Torrent last bit) December 1st 2002 v1.2 Merry Christmas!

Anyway, this might be the last update unless there are enough corrections to require a new edition. I will still take all corrections and stuff so keep sending them in! (Or at least in 25 days, but still) I have now added the start of the Mr Zoo conversation (as when I saved in the game it had just started) And added all the info for all the different conversations and adverts.

December 15th 2002 v1.4 Finally got back into the swing of things with this script after taking a few days off with my new Walkthrough on Game FAQs (was already on IGN) to add some stuff to that. Just got the dialogue for 29 more sections to do but 19 already done so the script should be finished by next Sunday.

Church Lady: Well, that's a charmimg little title, Daniel. Danny De Vito: Well, in the movie I want Billy Crystal to do away with my mother - knock her off - because she's a pain in the..

We've done a little film about murdering our mother.

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