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"All I Wanna Do" is a dance-pop song written by Brian Higgins, Stuart Mc Lennan, Tim Powell and Matt Gray for Dannii Minogue's third studio album Girl (1997). It was released as the first single from Girl in the third quarter of 1997 and reached the top five in the United Kingdom becoming her first Top Five hit.

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The US Presidential debate was broadcast on the same day as the Roar hitmaker posted her naked video still, and the star had no hesitation in tweeting her thoughts on the event, expressing her adoration and backing for the 68-year-old candidate.We all know from the get-go that there’s no way in hell that Haley is married to Andy, but I’m enough of a technophobe to be impressed by technology that can zoom right in on the wedding chapel sign.For a micromanager like Claire, we see how the Internet is basically a land mine full of things for her to worry about: her daughter not texting her back, fire in the dryer lint trap, missing her brother’s birthday.Her to-do list offers the hilarious slash listing “Meditate/buy wine.” Really, it’s the same thing.The technological asides like that are pretty fun throughout the episode and, dare I say, even innovative for a mainstream big network sitcom?

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