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Sentenced: Top left to right Kelvin Fore, Michael Ezenagu, Neil Ferguson, Sookalingun Appoo and Wayne Rogers.Bottom left to right Alison Dove, Charlotte Cotterell, Danny Brake, Graham Doyle, Holly Draper and Jason Gardiner Mr Lamb added: 'This must not carry on and must come to an end.The imprint of previous signage letters were still visible - here, "Mazda lamps" could still be seen clearly, and below this (and slightly more faint) is "Lamp and Lighting Co.Ltd"; the latter dating from the factory's AEI days - the factory having been built for AEI.Almost 4,000 people called about emotional distress in 2016 after the issue was covered on programmes such as Keith Jones, from BBC audience services, said: “2016 has been a very busy year for BBC Action Line, providing an important public service by supporting our viewers and listeners affected by the huge range of social issues that are highlighted in our programmes.“The BBC is committed to covering challenging topics and bringing them to the attention of our audiences, but it’s also vital that we provide the off-air information to help them, in partnership with the many organisations around the UK that can provide support and are willing to do so.Louiza Patikas, who plays Helen in the radio drama, said: “As part of my research into this storyline, I met victims of domestic violence and coercive control, and soon learned that abuse can happen to anyone.

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The high number of publications is a Greek expression of freedom of the press to compensate for decades of suppression by military governments or foreign interventionists in modern Greek history, when the nation alternated between being a kingdom or a republic.

The factory is located at the junction of Melton Road and Troon Way, on the corner of a busy crossroads.

The architecture is typical of the post-war era - functional, with little in the way of embellishments.

I had brought a GE-branded 55 W SOX lamp with me; it having been made at this factory.

The cessation of SOX lamp production by GE was a primary reason for the company taking the scandalous decision to close this facility.

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