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september kl 18 kan du få med deg gardshistoria og mykje anna på Heggerud gard på Harpefoss. Her kan du bli med på ein 40 minutt lang film som fangar inn noko av det som vart formidla av toner og ord på Vik for eitt år sidan. Dronning Sophie ville gjerne se sin sønn på den norske tronen, men etterhvert sa hun seg enig med sin husbond. Tilslut sprang gutten nedover og stillede sig under bakken for at tage imod en stor snebold, som han havde sendt ivei.

Mange ville ha hennes sønn, Gålå-vennen prins Carl som norsk konge i 1905, men Oscar 2 gikk imot. juni 1883: Ved reisen gjennem søndre Fron stanset Hennes Majestet i nærheten av enkefru Randklevs smukke og historisk bekjente eiendom Hunthorp, hvor en tallrik skare av enhver stand og alder fremmøtte; såvel Hennes Majestet og prinsene talte med flere av de tilstedeværende, mottagende blomster og jublende velkomsthilsner, likesom Hennes Majestet utdelte gaver til de fattige. april 1901: Fra Hamar telefoneres til ”Morgenbladet”: En 7 aar gammel gut morede sig mandag oppe ved Vinstra med at rulle store klumper kram sne udover en brat bakke.

I will definitely be highly recommending these classes, and I think the on line class was better than an in person class would have been.inventive and made good points. I don’t think an On-Site Class would have prepared me better than the On-Line one did.

A big benefit of taking this On-Line class was Fantastic, my instructor Jake explains things in ways that are very easily understood, and the school goes over preparing you for the tests extremely well, whereas my original FAA Part 147 School did not even explain what to expect when going for your O and P exams.

Has it been a while since you last relished the delightful simplicity of a plate of lefse?

Are you looking for a hard-to-find recipe that reminds you of your childhood?

"About five years ago, farmers started telling me stories about farm transfers," said Teresa Opheim, of Practical Farmers of Iowa, one of the sponsors of the event.

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My personal observation is that this A&P Course definitely provides the Knowledge, Materials, and Skills required for that success."ery articulate, and conveyed his knowledge in aircraft and the test materials very well.Vinland lodge 6-159 in Temecula, CA, is excited about #Growingto2020 and looking toward the future! In just four months it has grown by five members, bringing the lodge closer to its goal of increasing membership by 10 percent.Lodge President Caronne Van Nyhuis shared with us Vinland’s approach to making 2017 a big year for recruitment and their tips for other lodges.Or maybe you are curious about sampling some Norwegian cuisine that you’ve never tried before?Start with a few of our hand-picked featured recipes.

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