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i have 2 sleves that dont fit cause there is nothing to hold them to my arms, and a one foot with the fur and foam still on it. if you are interested you can PM me or hit me up on telegram @redfoxtac Hi guys! I'm also a synesthete that makes videos that show people what music looks like, and I'm a therian as well.I've got lots of stuff planned, though things haven't fully panned out yet.Now I Google it and see 'Permanently Closed' in one of the info tags. Fernando's has been an Anthrocon cornerstone for a decade, I DJ there, we all hang out there. -.- i am selling some scrap fursuit parts that i have no need for. I'm working at Walgreens right now, and I might be getting another part time job at Dunkin Donuts as well.i was gonna donate them to my suit maker when i got my head back, but since i wont be getting it back i can sell them. In the fandom, I usually go by "Bau." I'm a multimedia artist named Lucas Masoch; I write stories and comics and then make full orchestral soundtracks for them.As a result, you should be able to: JFCS and The Department of Behavioral Health, Office of Addiction Services presents Adolescent Problem Gambling: From Social Gaming to Internet Gambling – Identifying the Connection, Addressing the [...] Consistently, there are more creative and fast paced forms of entertainment to help people escape, cope, or adjust to the stressors of life.Whether finding it through substance, social media, You Tube, or a variety of other methods, individuals are becoming more daring, tech savvy and tech dependent.Our purpose is to educate and disseminate information on compulsive gambling and to facilitate referrals.

With clear writing, helpful graphics, and exciting activities, games, and movies, you get an unbeatable learning experience and a clear path to success.If you think that my message is spam, then send me abuse to Google hl=ru&ts=1114905&page=or Yandex still won't do anything and my site as flourished, so be it!From a technology perspective, one area that has seen explosive growth exists in the world of skill-based, social and internet gaming.The rise in popularity of e Sports and Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) has resulted in an increase in gamers worldwide seeking fast-paced action, escape, and sometimes a chance to win money.

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