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Traditionally, the bride's parents host the engagement party as a part of formally announcing the engagement.

They are the first ones who offer to throw a party for their daughter.

The couple does not ask someone to give them an engagement party. It is not the responsibility of a bridesmaid, matron of honor, groomsman or best man to host an engagement party. Generally, the engaged couple does not host their own engagement party.

The People Four countries make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland -- England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

If you follow these tips you will be invited to more parties, be considered when job opportunities arise, and make more friends.

Not doing any of these things can hold you back in social and professional situations.

In England, politeness, reserve, and restraint are admired.

While cool and aloof externally, they are extremely sentimental about their family and their country.

While they are not required, they are an enjoyable way to honor the couple and introduce them to extended family.

Here are a few essential things to ensure that your affair is top-notch.

Residents of any of these countries may be called "British." Use "English," "Scot" or "Scotsman," "Welsh" and "Irish" or "Northern Irish" only when certain of a persons heritage.

While the four countries share many customs, each has its own set of cultural nuances.

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