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Give me some idea and I can not leave her house cause some family issue.

Love Guru: A o, I think it will be better for all concerned if you leave your cousin's house asap.

She respects me a lot, hence she acted like this but, she is little bit disturbed. Love Guru: Swastik Castings Jaipur, the more I read your post the more it reminds me of a TV soap.

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A o: hello sir I am 21 years old and doing sir I live my cousin house, so wife of cousin, I love her, I proposed her but she said no and said forget me so I want to forget her how ?Google and other search engine helps a lot to find new adult chat rooms instantly without any paid demands, all you can access for free.You may had a nice visit to other adult cam chatting websites, all they ask you to register or signup to chat or sign up to chat with live chatters in the chat room or page.You better come out of your delusion quickly and try making up to your wife, and try not repeating your mistake again Swastik Castings Jaipur: Thanx a lot Sir. Why should it be different when it comes to a woman, then? Love Guru: Arvind Agarwal, if you don't approach her quickly someone else may and it will be entirely your loss.ARVIND AGARWAL: I like a girl but afraid to approach her and tell how I feel about her. Get over your inhibitions and approach her, it is not like she is going to have your head for it.

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