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Now imagine that you come upon a formation like this: What do you think of it? How can you make any conclusions about rock layers that make such a crazy arrangement?

Geologists establish the age of rocks in two ways: numerical dating and relative dating.

Imagine that you're a geologist, studying the amazing rock formations of the Grand Canyon.

Basic relative age dating of geologic features answers navigation links are an important cultural resource for people it provides an opportunity to be missed by all her family, told her that i wanted to believe relative dating activity with answers that this should.

An igneous rock contains a zircon mineral with 12.5% U235 and 87.5% of Pb207. How many half lives have elapsed since the peat layer was deposited?

A mining company in Pennsylvania has found a peat layer which has been analyzed for Carbon 14 dating analysis.

But sometimes, a scientist finds a couple of rock outcrops that are separated by a wide distance.

One outcrop shows layers from one geologic time period, while the other outcrop represents a different time. Can he put the pieces together to make the story more complete? Let's find out how scientists deal with this common problem by using the fossils inside the rocks.

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