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It works by syncing with i Cloud and will backup paid and free tweaks and apps.You can also use it to copy your installed packages, along with anything else that the tweak depends on, onto your computer.With that warning in mind, there are a number of options for backing up your Cydia tweaks when upgrading to i OS 6.1.2…Open Backup is currently the best solution for restoring your Cydia tweaks.As veteran i OS jailbreakers would admit, it is always a wise decision to backup your Cydia apps, tweaks and sources regularly in order to avoid losing your prized possession, as new firmware update installations will inadvertently wipe out all user data including jailbreak apps and sources.

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I want to be clear here: automated backups can be very bad news.

Every time Apple updates their firmware to fix an issue you have to re-jailbreak your device and re-install your Cydia tweaks and apps.

Some of you may want to know if you can back up those tweaks before updating.

More and more i Phone users are trending to jailbreak their i Phone for a better experience.

However, you have to re-jailbreak and re-install all the previous apps after the new i OS update comes few months later.

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