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And, you know, it isn’t really debate I’m up to this day. A group of them took a wet-behind-the-ears kid under their wing and I learned enough about the real world to fill many notebooks and had a hell of a lot of fun besides.

The stories to be told would be something letter-writer Mitchell would not understand given his apparent ease at holding in contempt those whose boots he cannot likely fill.

After indicating he didn’t know what to do, the man said he would like to talk to legal counsel before being sentenced.

In court Monday, defence lawyer Peter Chaffey informed Gorman he had just been assigned to the case and would need some time before sentencing, so the sentencing hearing was scheduled for Thursday.

The man, who was not represented by a lawyer at trial, was taken into custody upon conviction.

Friday LIVERPOOL — Harvesting of trees for the paper mill in Queens County ceased Friday night, the papermaking machines are expected to stop running at noon today, and 320 employees and their families are wondering how they’re going to pay the bills.

Resolute Forest Products, parent company of Bowater Mersey Paper Co., announced Friday it is closing Bowater’s Brooklyn mill.

The western Newfoundland man cannot be named because of a court-ordered publication ban prohibiting identifying him because it could possibly also identify the victim in the case.

On March 6, the man said “F--- you, you piece of shit” to Judge Wayne Gorman, who had just found him guilty of invitation to sexual touching, sexual interference and seven court order breaches.

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