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Japan agreed to stop issuing passports for Japanese workers to go to the U. territory residents and yes, they too worked mainly in agriculture.

S., even though this did not seriously reduce the amount of Japanese immigrants coming into the U. Nonetheless, the Japanese were subjected to the same discriminatory laws and prejudices that the Chinese endured earlier, including restrictions on their rights to own land and become citizens. During this period before 1940, these Asian groups tried as best as they could, given the restrictions placed upon them, to make a living for themselves and to become as integrated into American life as possible.

The Title IX Coordinator has authority across all campus­based programs (e.g., Athletics, Human Resources, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Housing, University Police to monitor, oversee, and ensure implementation of Title IX, including compliance with VAWA/Campus Sa VE Act; other legislative actions; and all other relevant OCR directives.

Compensation: The salary is competitive and is negotiable depending on the strength of qualifications.

Other Position Declarations: - This is a full­time management position covered by the California State University Management Personnel Plan.

Under this plan, employees are subject to management reviews and serve at the pleasure of the University President of that campus.

Also unlike the Chinese, Japanese workers were mainly concentrated in agricultural jobs.

However, once again, the Japanese eventually received the same type of discriminatory treatment the Chinese had received earlier, which culminated in 1907 Gentlemen's Agreement.

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