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Here’s a list of animals that die for sex- to remind you that things could be worse!

Oftentimes, the female praying mantis bites the head off her mate while they have sex, and apparently the male thrusts more vigorously after he’s dead, making the sex more likely to generate progeny.

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Finding true love is difficult no matter what species you were born into—but at least humans don’t have to worry about being eaten on a first date.

You’d fit right in with those crazy shot shooting snails! In countless situations when disagreements happen or hostility is rising, bonobos use sex to ease the tension and stress.

Snails have both male and female reproductive organs, so they do this thing where they try to shoot/stab each other with a “love dart.” Whoever is stabbed with this love dart gets to fertilize the babies! Bowerbirds don’t just dance to impress their mates, they go the extra mile and build an eye-popping structure to reel in mates.

They sing these songs at such a high frequency that human ears can’t even hear them!

This very cute ratlike Australian marsupial, goes on a mad sex parade with multiple partners for up to 14 hours and then drops dead of exhaustion. He dies of natural causes after he mates with his lady- ejaculating makes his blood go bad.

There are advantages to this, for example- he doesn’t have the opportunity to get in trouble with any of the multiple cute ratlike partners he had sex with in the same half-day, but on the other hand the Antechinus never meets his children, nor coaches them in Soccer, which he would call Football, because he’s from Australia. Nature wants him to die immediately after he has sex, which is one reason insects don’t masturbate.

That’s better than the time you went on a drinks-filled double date with your best friend Allison and your boyfriend’s roommate, and she came home with him, but after you’d left for your house, she snuck into the other bedroom and did your boyfriend as well. This helps you understand that you’re still better off than a dead spider, even after you’ve been seeing someone you’re crazy about for a couple of months and came to find out he was also dating most of the women you know, and you were all in a weird sad sisterhood of women getting identical flirty text messages and photographs from him, which is why they were always non-sequiturs.

“This,” writes Bergner, “went on and on.” No research yet on how the situation is exacerbated if the female rat has had a really tough week at work.

two weeks ago explained how, contrary to long-standing cultural beliefs that women are turned on by stability and emotional intimacy, long-term monogamy actually saps women’s sex drives.

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