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The two-hour finale airs Tuesday and Tigelaar is confident it will leave fans of the show feeling content. Have you explored the option of taking it to another network? The likelihood of something going from the CW to, like, ABC or NBC is impossible … Behind-the-scenes, it was definitely Kristoffer Polaha. We were going to wrap our five original people from the pilot at the same time. In terms of goodbye on camera, the end doesn’t feel like goodbye at all. it almost feels like it could launch into a new series.Tigelaar spoke to Show Tracker about the show, the idea of taking it to another network and tying up loose ends. I think it would have been a great show for those networks, especially now with shows like “Parenthood” and networks just trying to do more family stuff. I think I always thought of it as a five season show. A part of me also saw it as a three-episode show because I was like, ‘We’ll probably be on the air and then canceled.” I never really knew. They were going to be our last scene of the last night. Shiri jokes about when she and Brittany wrapped, she was waiting for Brittany to burst into tears and Brittany was like “Haha! It’s not like ‘Growing Pains,’ where they’re all moving to a new state. I was kind of, like, ‘Oh, can I pitch this new show? It felt like everyone was in this really great place … Talk a little bit about the Kate and Baze relationship. The way I always felt is that Kate and Baze seemed like the obvious ending from what the pilot sets up in TV show world.Teen pregnancy, eating disorders, social anxieties — to say nothing of the pressure of determining which vampire is sexier — the drama of the adolescent passage has always been readily exploited onscreen.TV historically has approached teens as an alien species, in a long line of misunderstood inner-monologists dating to black-and-white incarnations like Dobie Gillis and Patty Duke’s identical cousins.“Life Unexpected” falls close to the “Girlmore Girls” antecedent: It’s the story of an immature teen mother now grown and bonding with her worldly wise teen daughter.

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The sleeping theme continued with a shot of Lux sleeping with Bug (Rafi Gavron).

After last week's reveal that Lux isn't a virgin, I was surprised to see that Baze wasn't keeping better whereabouts on her, but apparently, he's “too busy sleeping with Cate's sister to notice anything.”Currently, Lux is giving Baze the “a cold whole body” because she's angry with him, but don't worry.

Finally there is a rare breed, the self-aware young thinkers, glimpsed in occasional intelligent hours that give voice to teen angst beyond lust.

Life Unexpected offers intelligent family drama while the glitzier Gossip Girl is on hiatus.

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